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Looking to rendezvous with other PMYC cruisers? Use this calendar to find out when and where other members are cruising to. 

If you would to add your cruising dates to this calendar, send an email to webmaster@portmadisonyc.org with your destination, cruising dates, and boat name.

Turn your cruise into an official club cruise by sending an email to commodore@portmadisonyc.orgwith your destination and cruising dates, for approval then once approved, send an invitation to the club by sending an email to allmembers@portmadisonyc.org

Upcoming events

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Past events

09/02/2023 Round Island Gunkhole Cruise
06/30/2023 Fourth of July Cruise
06/03/2023 Fal Joslin Race / Cruise & BBQ
05/06/2023 Blake Island Shrimpless Cruise
04/15/2023 Viking Cruise
12/31/2022 New Year's Eve Cruise
10/01/2022 Port Orchard Cruise
09/03/2022 Round Island Gunkhole Cruise
08/13/2022 Kayak Point Cruise
07/23/2022 Fletcher Bay Pocket Cruise
07/04/2022 Fireworks Cruise
06/04/2022 Fal Joslin Race / Cruise & BBQ
05/07/2022 Blake Island Shrimp Cruise
04/02/2022 Viking Cruise
12/31/2021 New Year's Eve Cruise
10/09/2021 City Cruise
09/04/2021 Round Island Gunkhole Cruise
08/07/2021 The Other Island Cruise
07/02/2021 Fireworks Cruise
06/26/2021 Blake Island Cruise
05/22/2021 Fal Joslin Race / Cruise & BBQ
05/08/2021 Shrimp Cruise Canceled
04/17/2021 Viking Cruise
12/31/2020 New Years Eve Cruise
10/17/2020 Fall Cruise - Liberty Bay - Lemolo Cove
09/26/2020 Round the Island Race
09/05/2020 Round The Island Gunkhole Cruise
08/01/2020 Jetty Island Cruise
07/02/2020 Poulsbo Fireworks Cruise - CANCELED
06/06/2020 Fal Joslin Race / Cruise
05/02/2020 Blake Island Shrimp Cruise
03/14/2020 Viking Cruise to Poulsbo
12/31/2019 New Years Eve Cruise
10/12/2019 Seattle Culture Cruise
09/28/2019 Round the Island Race & Cruise
08/31/2019 Round The Island Gunkhole Cruise
08/10/2019 Fletcher Bay Pocket Cruise
07/03/2019 Poulsbo Fireworks Cruise
06/01/2019 Fal Joslin Race / Cruise & BBQ
05/11/2019 Blake Island Shrimp Cruise
04/13/2019 Viking Cruise to Poulsbo
12/31/2018 New Year's Eve Cruise
11/23/2018 Thanksgiving Cruise to Bell Harbor
10/13/2018 Eagle Harbor Fall Cruise
09/29/2018 Round the Island Race & Cruise
09/01/2018 Round The Island Gunkhole Cruise
07/03/2018 Poulsbo Fireworks Cruise
06/02/2018 Fal Joslin Race / Cruise & BBQ
05/18/2018 Edmonds Jazz Cruise
05/05/2018 Blake Island Shakedown & Shrimp Cruise
03/17/2018 Viking Cruise to Poulsbo
12/31/2017 New Years Eve Cruise
10/14/2017 Fall Colors Cruise
09/23/2017 Around the Island Race / Cruise
09/02/2017 Round the Island Gunkhole
07/03/2017 3rd of July Fireworks Cruise
06/03/2017 Fal Joslin Race/Cruise & BBQ
05/20/2017 Shake Down Cruise
04/08/2017 Architectural Cruise
03/18/2017 Viking Cruise to Poulsbo
12/31/2016 New Years Eve Cruise
10/15/2016 Architectural Cruise (Seattle)
09/24/2016 Around The Island Race / Cruise
09/03/2016 Round the Island Gunkhole
07/30/2016 Fletcher Bay Pocket Cruise
07/03/2016 3rd of July Fireworks Cruise
06/04/2016 Fal Joslin Race/Cruise and BBQ
05/14/2016 Shake Down Cruise to Blake Island
04/30/2016 PMYC Opening Day Cruise
04/16/2016 Summer Cruise Planning Potluck
03/19/2016 Viking Cruise
03/19/2016 Viking Cruise
12/31/2015 New Year's Cruise
10/10/2015 Fall Cruise
09/05/2015 Round Island Gunkhole
08/29/2015 6 Meter Cruise to Hood Canal
08/08/2015 6 Meter Cruise to the Lakes
07/03/2015 Fireworks Cruise
05/23/2015 Memorial Day Cruise
05/02/2015 Shake Down Cruise to Blake Island

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