Port Madison Yacht Club

Reciprocity - Visiting PMYC

Reciprocity is first-come-first-serve - do not call for reservations or checking in - sign in at the club house

Port Madison Yacht Club is located in beautiful Hidden Cove at the north end of Bainbridge Island, Washington.  We're easily located: go west of the Seattle Yacht Club outstation and look for the large docks with only sailboats!  This is a very quiet bay for most of the year.  There are no stores near by. There's a phone in the clubhouse to call for a taxi if needed.  Dogs and children are welcome.  Garbage is located at the top of the path to the parking lot.

We have approximately 70′ of reciprocal dock space on the South side of the main dock.  It's available on a first-come-first-serve basis (there's no one to call for reservations and no one to contact for checking in).  Please fly your club's burgee while at the docks so we'll know where you're from.  Access to the dock is from the west end.  Shore-tie will be to port if your bow is pointing east.  Please watch your depth here at low tides:  it is a muddy bottom, but you don’t want to get stuck.   Depth at the dock is approximately 8′ at a 0 tide.  There's a "hump" in the bottom about 25' south of the west corner of the dock, so don’t swing too wide around that corner at a low tide.  Rafting is fine, depth permitting, but please do not block the permanently moored boats to your east.

Power and water are available at the dock, but power is limited to 15 amps.  There is no charge for either.  The clubhouse is located shore-side and includes deck and picnic benches, a full galley and fridge, two bathrooms (no showers), and a wood-burning stove for heat.  It's is truly a cabin at the beach.  If you wish to use our clubhouse, please check our calendar of events to avoid conflicts with PMYC functions and contact our Reciprocal Chair at reciprocity@portmadisonyc.org

Feel free to contact our Reciprocal Chair with any questions you might have.  Enjoy your visit!

Reciprocity - Visiting Other Clubs

To view the current list of yacht clubs that have reciprocal agreements with PMYC, click on the following link: PMYC Reciprocal Moorage. This list is provided by Yacht Destinations (https://yachtdestinations.org.) If you encounter issues viewing the PMYC Reciprocal Moorage list using the link above, go to https://yachtdestinations.org and create a free account.  

When you're out and about, please remember that you are representing PMYC (remember to fly your burgee!).  Please pay for your electricity if there's a charge, and pay any applicable moorage fees. Local clubs have lost their reciprocal privileges over something as simple as not paying a $5 electric fee. Thank-you cards are always encouraged for an exceptional visit.  If you have information to provide on any of these clubs please email it to Reciprocity@portmadisonyc.org.


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