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Sailing Activity Participation Requirement FAQ

Who Does The Sailing Activity Participation Requirement Apply To?

The sailing activity participation requirement applies to large boat moorage tenants moored at PMYC docks.

Why does this policy exist?

The board’s position is the best use of our large boat facilities is to offer moorage to boats and members who actively sail together at club sponsored events. Moorage at the PMYC docks should be looked at as an active staging area for sailing events, more than just a marina. These events build the club and promote a healthy, vibrant, on the water community of members. Member boats which do not regularly attend club events can just as effectively represent the club while being moored in the surrounding area, as most member boats are.

What kind of participation events are we talking about?

Participation events encourage large boats to be enjoyed by members on the water outside of Hidden Cove, with other members on their boats. Ideally these events include groups of at least five large boats. All the events on the approved list share this characteristic. Examples of Club Sponsored Sailing Events include races, parades, cruises, and some Commodore approved special events. Event lists are finalized and published in January of each calendar year.

What are my obligations as a large boat dock tenant?

For members privileged to moor their boats on our docks, in the prime location of Hidden Cove, we offer discounted moorage rates compared to other island marinas. In return, dock tenants agree: (1) their boats will actively support and participate in at least three Club Sponsored Sailing Events annually and (2) they will report in January each year on the events they participated in the prior calendar year.

All other responsibilities of boat tenants are covered in the Float Use & Moorage Regulations.

What if I am not able or interested in participating in the minimum number of events?

Boating activity changes along with the phases and circumstances of our lives; families young and old, our health, changing interests, financial ups and downs, these are all things that influence how much time we spend on the water. If your situation change keeps you from meeting event participation temporarily, the club has an exception process. However, if you find the way you use your large boat is changing long term, then it’s time to do your part for the club by making room for another family who is in a more active sailing phase of their lives. As of January 2022, there are over 40 families on the waiting list. These active members have had to find other moorage spots while waiting.

Who grants exceptions if I can’t meet the requirements this year?

The PMYC board grants exceptions by majority vote. Each exception is reviewed by the moorage committee, the Commodore, and presented to the 11-person board for final vote and decision.

What happens if the event I planned to attend gets cancelled?

If an event you intended to participate in gets cancelled, it cannot be used to satisfy your minimum event requirements. The most obvious solution is to join us out on the water and plan to attend more than the required three events. Join us for Thursday night races, formal races, cruises, and/or parades; there are over two dozen events each year. We want our members actively participating in events out on the water, not just doing the absolute minimum to keep discounted moorage.

Do new additional events come up during the year?

Yes, new Commodore approved events may occasionally come up. When, and if they do, a club wide email will be sent, along with other notifications as appropriate.

Is this policy approved by the board and where is it written?

Yes, the policy was approved by the board in 2018 and is detailed in the Float Use & Moorage Regulations. All changes to the policy are reviewed and approved by the board. See your latest Yearbook under Dock (Float) Use and Mooring Regulations, Section C for more updated information.

Do sail school related events qualify as approved events?

Sail School is a great PMYC tradition to encourage our youth to start a life of sailing. Many families contribute to Sail School with their time, money, and equipment; including boats, launches, motorized dinghies, outboard motors, and donating weeks of dock space. These contributions are valued by the club, but none meet the large boat participation event criteria. Only the Commodore can approve a Sail School related exception.

I waited a long time on the list, haven’t I earned the spot without having to do these events?

It is true the waiting list for large boat dock space can be very long. During the long wait, members often contribute enormously to the club year over year and become treasured members. But it is important to state plainly that dock moorage is offered simply based on your place in line and not based on seniority, club status, contributions, or merit. No one has a boat on the dock because they deserve it. Those with dock space put their name on the list, accepted a spot when one was available, and actively sail their boat with the club. Whether your boat is at the Hidden Cove dock or not, it in no way lessens the value you bring to the club or the value of the club to you.

Can I put together my own qualifying event with some other club members?

Absolutely! The goal is to get club members out on the water together with their boats. If you have an event you would like to sponsor, reach out to the club chairperson related to what you would like to do. They will help you: (1) get the event approved by the Commodore, (2) coordinate the schedule, and (3) communicate the event to other members. Events must be approved in advance to be sponsored and credited.

This process seems very formal for a small friendly club like PMYC. Why is it needed?

Agreed; the process does feel formal. However, for the club to survive and thrive, the docks must prioritize moorage for actively used, shipshape boats that sail together regularly. Most everyone has had the experience of seeing a friend or dock mate let their boats go unused and/or fall into disrepair. We have seen large boat tenants using the PMYC dock as a discounted marina and rarely if ever attending an on the water event. Addressing these situations on behalf of the club is difficult for the board on a personal level. No one joined this club or the board with the goal of policing other members' boat usage. A transparent formal process ensures expectations are clear and everyone is treated fairly.

What are the events for this upcoming year?

Qualifying events are published in the yearbook and on the website.

How do I report my events for the year?

Each January, send your activity reports to: participation@portmadisonyc.org. You will receive an email reminder to do this with a reporting cutoff date. A club member from the Docks and Moorage Committee will receive this email and log your boat’s activity in the club record. This report will then go to the Docks and Moorage Chair and the Board of Directors. Please list each event you participated in during the last year. Your activity report should only include events on the PMYC sponsored list, which can be found on the website. Please include the name of the event (e.g., Round the Island Race, Fal Joslyn, or three Thursday Night Races, etc.)


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