Port Madison Yacht Club

Around The Island Race / Cruise

  • 09/24/2016
  • 9:00 AM
  • 09/25/2016
  • Bainbridge Island


Non-refundable moorage reservation fee for the Bremerton Marina. Must be paid by September 17th.
Registration is closed

Participants can either cruise or a race. For those racing, here are the rules:


RULES:  This event will be governed by this Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions, the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, and the Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet of the Northwest (PHRF-NW).  Where there is a conflict this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions shall take precedence.  There will be two classes: PHRF-NW and Get Out The Boat and Compete (GOTB!).  Boats in the GOTB! class will be allowed to use other methods of propulsion, to be announced.  The organizing authority is Port Madison Yacht Club (PMYC).

ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY:  The regatta is open to all boats.  Boats that are members of the PHRF-NW class may compete in the PHRF-NW class.  Boats that are not members of the PHRF-NW may enter the Get Out The Boat and Compete! (GOTB!) class.  Boats that have "club ratings" may compete in either class.  Boats in the PHRF-NW class may enter by completing the attached form and mailing it to PMYC, c/o “Hebard”, 6179 Silverbeach Dr., Bremerton, WA 98311, or by registering online at www.portmadisonyc.org.  Boats in the GOTB! class may enter by notifying the starting boat the day of the race.

FEES:  Required fees are as follows:  PHRF-NW class is free.  GOTB! class is free.

SCHEDULE:  Dates of competition: September 24th and 25th.  Saturday start around 0900. Sunday start around 1000.

MEASUREMENTS:  Boats in the PHRF-NW class should be able to produce a valid certificate.  Boats in the GOTB! class are exempt.  Significant figures rules and/or rules regarding the propagation of uncertainty may be used in PHRF-NW time on distance calculations.

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS:  Click here to view the Sailing Instructions.

THE COURSES:  The courses to be sailed will be as follows:  Saturday the PHRF-NW class will start in the vicinity of Point Monroe, around Bainbridge Island to starboard, finish under the apex of the Mannette bridge and between the two centermost bridge supports of the Mannette bridge.  Saturday the GOTB! class will "5o5/rabbit" start in the vicinity of "Halvorsen's Buoy", around Bainbridge Island to starboard, finish under the apex of the Mannette bridge and between the two centermost bridge supports of the Mannette bridge.  Boats that have not finished by 2200 on Saturday will be scored DNF.  Sunday both classes will start during the morning hours in the vicinity of Sinclair Inlet, continue around Bainbridge Island to Starboard, and finish between "Halvorsen's Buoy" and a finish boat.  Boats that have not finished by 1730on Sunday will be scored DNF.

SCORING:  PHRF-NW class will use Low Point System, Saturday and Sunday scored separately.  GOTB! class will be scored by the competitors in that class taking into consideration: (1) least amount of alternate methods of propulsion, (2) sailboat handicapping calculation methods in use, or that have been used; for example, Offshore Racing Rule, PHRF, IOR.... (3) any other factors that the competitors may deem important (massive anchors aboard, relative performance of boats in different conditions....)

BERTHING:  The organizing authority will attempt to hold a moorage reservation at the Bremerton Marina for all boats that mail a non-refundable $5 fee (checks made out to "PMYC") to PMYC, c/o "Hebard", 6179 Silverbeach Dr., Bremerton, WA 98311, or that pay with credit card online at www.portmadisonyc.org.

   Payments not received by either method by September 17th will not have a moorage reservation held for them; you are on their own, but ample moorage is not expected to be a problem.  If there is no space at Bremerton Marina, Port Orchard Marina and Port of Silverdale are nearby.  The $5 payment only holds a moorage reservation at Bremerton Marina.  Boats must still pay a moorage fee. Confused?  Maybe Seinfeld can help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7uvttu8ct0

RADIO COMMUNICATIONS:  Race committee may make announcements on VHF channel 69.

DISCLAIMER:  Competitors participate entirely at their own risk.  The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after this event.  Vessels shall comply with USCG safety regulations and should be prepared to sail in heavy wind, after dark, in the presence of  both commercial and naval warfare traffic, and in the presence of large marine mammals (stay away from whales, RCW 77.15.740).  Competitors are recommended to wear PFD's.  An operating VHF is recommended.  An auxiliary motor is recommended.

SATURDAY SOCIAL:  A tent, picknick tables, and a BBQ should be set up on the Bremerton Marina breakwater for participant use.  Bring Your Own Meat, Bring Your Own Side-dish, Bring Your Own Appetizer, Bring Your Own Beverage.  Share and be merry.  To really get in the spirit, pre-purchase your swag at www.bremelo.com.

A pdf version of the registration form can be found here: PMYC RTI Race 2016 Notice of Race.pdf.


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